Sunday, February 5, 2017


The world of fast money,
     and loud talk,
     and much hype is upon us.
     We praise huge men whose names will linger only briefly.

We will eat and drink,
      and gamble and laugh,
      and cheer and hiss,
      and marvel and then yawn.

We show up, most of us, for such a circus,
               and such an indulgence.
      Loud clashing bodies,
      violence within rules,
      and money and merchandise and music.

And you---today like every day---
      you govern and watch and summon;
      you glad when there is joy in the earth,
      But you notice our litugies of disregard and
                our litanies of selves made too big,
                our fascination with machismo power,
                     and lust for bodies and for big bucks.

And around you gaterh today, as every day,
      elsewhere uninvited, but noticed acutely by you,
                 those disabled and gone feeble,
                 those alone and failed,
                 those uninvited and shamed.
And you whose gift is more than "super,"
                 overflowing, abundant, adequate, all sufficient.

      The day of preoccupation with creature comforts writ large.
      We pause to be mindful of our creatureliness,
           our commonality with all that is small and vulnerable exposed,
           your creatures called to obedience and praise.

Give us some distance from the noise,
           some reserve about the loud success of the day,
           that we may remember that our life consists
                not in things we consume
                but in neighbors we embrace.

Be our good neighbor that we may practice
           your neighborly generosity all through our needy

Walter Brueggemann-Prayers for a Privileged People


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