Monday, October 15, 2018


  1. He sure likes chicken.
  2. He backs up and sits on the couch with me. We watch television together. He likes the dog channel, I like sports.
  3. He doesn't like crows or squirrels.
  4. He loves to meet people.
  5. He comes in the bedroom and puts his head on the bed to wake me in the morning.
  6. He hates thunder.
  7. He can tear up a stuffed animal in less than a minute.
  8. He eats anything.
  9. He can hold it longer than any dog I know.
  10. In dog years, he's about 61. So far, he's not complaining. Another year and he can start drawing social security. Dewey Weik, son of Bruce and Ann Weik. Guardians.

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