Tuesday, October 2, 2018


     The breakdown of community: Our leadership has let us down. The board and CEO have wondered away from democratic rule, toward corporate rule, which is a far cry from democratic.
     They continue to make decisions about our future inappropriately behind closed doors, encouraged by the board president. Eight reasons to go into closed session.  As a “private club”, they can do whatever, which definitely needs to change.
     Short of becoming a municipality, we need a board that will adopt municipal rules to govern us. All the bylaws and proposed articles and declarations we have are designed to run Hot Springs Village as a corporation. I,  and I know there are many others, stand firmly against this. We need to vote for 3 candidates opposed to this direction. And a fourth person on the board to join them, which seems unlikely. We were once again duped the last election. All followers.
     I would sum up our current situation as a “convoluted mess.” The board lets the CEO do whatever she wants. Secret contracts. Secret salaries. Secret bonuses. All secrets. While we elect them, they are a far cry from transparent. They do as directed.
     Voting “NO” on the proposed articles and declaration will send a clear message to the board and CEO that we are having nothing of their proposed corporate rule. Corporations have their place, but not in running a community. We need to seek our independence. From them.
     And as for an orientation session, I would skip it if I were a candidate. It appears to be more of an indoctrination session. An attempt to intimidate and control the candidates even before they are elected.
     As for a recruitment committee, I would assume they are looking for the finest followers. Any candidate that comes out of this committee, beware.

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