Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In the POA’s efforts to increase revenue from our amenities there has been a push to market/contact groups to come play our golf courses.  This is a good way to generate additional revenue and utilize unused tee times, as long as the Property Owner interest and rights are observed.  HSV amenities belong to the collective Property Owners are funded and exist for their benefit and use.  This is not a resort or public vacation destination but a private community where residents live their daily lives.

I have personally been impacted and others have related to me similar instances where groups were loud, disrespectful of our properties, rude, inappropriate language, and treated our facilities with disregard and acted as if they were the only ones present, most recently on Aug 5th the Couples Group (which start teeing off around 11:30am) was forced to have a 5+ hour round due to a reported corporate group (which means the corporate group had a priority tee time, morning).

Additionally, when course marshals have been asked by Property Owners to speed up play while following these groups, the marshals implied that they were instructed that they could not enforce the pace of play on outside groups.  If this is true, then it is unacceptable!

Guest groups are just that, guests.  That means they are here to enjoy our amenities as the Property Owners guest and as guests are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner while enjoying our amenities and under the same rules as Property Owners.  If groups cannot abide by this behavior then, I for one don’t want them in our community.

I ask the Board to instruct the Golf Dept to institute a policy/process whereby guest groups will agree, in advance, in writing to conduct themselves in an appropriate courteous manner and are bound to abide by the same rules as Property Owners, including pace of play, thereby agreeing to pickup and move forward at a marshal’s request if they cannot keep the course pace and are holding up play.  Any groups reported to have conducted themselves in a disrespectful or inappropriate manner should be barred from future tee times.

I trust the Board will look into this matter and ensure our Property Owner interests are maintained.

Larry Frazer
Have a Great Day!!

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