Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here are some dangerous liberal questions that even I hesitate to ask

  • Is it possible for an American to retire in at least reasonable comfort after working a lifetime for minimum wage?
  • How can anyone who doesn't live in lala land believe that American corporations will reglate themselves and protect the environment?
  • By indiscriminately killing people, is it possible to save humanity and bring about peace?
  • Which came first, George W. Bush or terrorism?
  • Is it possible that some of the things we do in the name of capitalism and global imperialism might just provoke much of the world into hating us?
  • Can we imprison every immigrant and minority person in America and still claim to be a democracy?
  • If what is currently going on is called fighting for freedom and democracy, can someone please explain to me the meaning of tyranny?
  • Shouldn't it be as easy to spend money to pay for quality health-care for every American as it is to spend money to wage war?
  • How much money does it take to retire in the Village?

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