Friday, August 24, 2012

Why are you a Republican?

Only about 10% of the country should be Republican. That would be the ten percent who are the wealthiest. Most of these individuals would be white, Protestant, males. Their scam is to get others to believe that they will represent them. They play on the ignorance and stupidity of others who follow them over various issues that they raise. Abortion, for instance. It doesn’t take a very intelligent person to realize that a woman has the right to control her own body. While males may get upset by this fact, it is inevitable and will not be changed by law. Take health care as another. The wealthy get people to argue that universal health care is not going to be good for them. It is socialism, or somehow too costly to provide for everyone. Of course, all of them have health care. They can afford it. Most the people that they get on board to argue with them don’t have health care, their kids don’t, and their grand-kids don’t. But they get conned. The list goes on and on: Government is bad, social security is bad, Medicare is bad, regulations are bad, immigrants are bad, the 40 hour work-week is bad, minimum wage is bad. Ends up, any money spent on the middle or lower class is seen as bad. Somehow, these people can’t figure out that they are being duped. Stupid is as stupid votes.

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