Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You don't stand a chance against my prayers

     * You pray for peace through warring, I pray for peace through compromise, negotiation, mutual respect.
     * You pray Obama fails, I pray he succeeds.
     * You pray for a good crop of industrial corn, I pray our farmers plant food.
     * You pray that guns are the answer, I think education and inclusiveness are the answers.
     * You pray for the good-old-days, I pray for today.
     * You pray Christian prayers, I’ll take any.
     * You pray that Jesus will make it right, I pray that we will.
     * You pray a better day will come, I ask why not today?
A prayer is not just a prayer. There are fundamental differences in what we ask and hope for. I’m glad I’m not God. Maybe she doesn’t pay any attention to all our asking?

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