Monday, August 27, 2012

Reply to Editorial

I have talked to some of the guys working on the golf courses, which, by the way, they have done an excellent job this summer, who report terrible salaries. They make more by working significant overtime. They should be making a living wage, which they don't. I will be recommending that they get a bonus after the summer. They deserve it. I have played some courses in Missouri that were burnt out. Lowering our assessments at the expense of the local people working here is something I cannot support. Sure, we want to keep our expenses down, I agree with most of your points. Marketing is useless. The place markets itself, if prices remain fair and amenities continue as present. Filling up this place by defining progress using continued population growth will kill this place. I would not go beyond 20,000, or so. It will turn into a municipality if any bigger. Big is not good in the case of Hot Springs Village. For a gated community, it is just about at its peak.

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