Thursday, May 21, 2015


  • I move to Arkansas just in time for it to turn right-wing, tea-bag Republican. We got a state legislature out of the Dark Ages. And we elected a U.S. Senator who is about a half a dollar short.  I'm guessing it's some kind of trick the Devil is playing on me. None-the-less, it's very disheartening. The first time since reconstruction that the state legislature is Republican. Looks like  the state has succumbed to gross stupidity for the second time. And I have to be here to witness it.
  • I thought Obama would do a much better job than he has. I really thought we were poised to move forward. I can imagine the various pressures a President must be under, but I never thought he would turn Republican over them. What we get is a health-care plan that no one can understand; a movement from occupational war to remote war; 24 hour a day spying on all of us; rigorous prosecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about what is going on behind the scenes of our government; doing nothing to change the tide from the rich getting richer and the poor just plain getting it; and secret trade deals that may in fact ruin us. To say I've lost my faith is to dramatically understate it. I'm holding on to the knowledge that he is better than Romney would have been, but that's starting to wear real thin.
  • Where are all these right-wing Christians coming from? I didn't think so many people could be so stupid most of the time. Politics plus religion seems to be adding up to morons capable of doing anything, including electing people who are going to put them in the poor house. Christ wouldn't put up with these jokers for a second. I'm losing my faith over them, but be careful who you tell. They'll think I'm a Muslim.
  •  Manning was sentenced to years in prison for telling the truth. Out of a duty to his country, he exposed what the government was doing in Afghanistan. No make-believe. No doctored pictures. He was found guilty of espionage. Snowden did the same with information regarding the government spying on citizens and listening to private conversations. Noting made up. All simply the truth. He is now living in Russia to avoid arrest. That leaves the rest of us wondering what we can say about our government when it is found to be doing something against our better interests? This results in a gigantic step away from democracy. It leaves me running out of faith, but I'm going to be careful who I tell.

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