Monday, May 4, 2015


-I've been crawling my way towards sanity an inch at a time. It's a slow trip.
-I've seen the light. Or it could have been the light pollution coming from Little Rock.
-If you've crossed this path before, you're hopelessly lost.
-The Alchemist wasn't near as smart as I am. He tried to change lead to gold. I change the status-quo to chaos. Makes gold more valuable.
-The Arkansas Electric Coop keeps lobbying us to tell legislators that we need to continue burning coal in order to have cheap electricity. So I guess we have a choice: cheap electricity now, or doom future generations to climate disaster. I don't have any grand-kids, so.........
-We could elect more dummies to Congress, but there aren't many left.
-The great AA slogan: One Day at a Time. I'm down to One Hour at a Time.
-Heaven is up there, hell is down there. I don't buy it. They are both right in front of you. Make the choice.

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