Tuesday, October 17, 2017


How about spending $500,000 for a plan that we could develop here in the Village with about 5-7 of our own residents? Out of a population of about 14,000, I’m betting we have ten’s of people familiar with and able to produce a comprehensive plan for our future. But the directors never ask for our help. They prefer to pay money to strangers for their opinions. Read Frank Leeming’s letter to the editor in the September 19 edition. He sums up the purchasing of a comprehensive plan and asks some valuable questions. As an ex- politician, I am familiar with comprehensive plans, although I have never voted in favor of one. They are generally boiler-plate documents with approximately 20% specific information. It will mainly point out generalities that we are already aware of. Here’s my suggestion: Send me the $500,000 and I will tell you the outcome. In 5-10 years, someone will ask about the plan that was done in 2018. After a thorough search, someone will find a copy on the bookshelf of one of the department directors that are still here. The new POA directors at the time will laugh and state: They paid $500,000 for this? Comprehensive plans are mainly a way for people who are lacking creativity and the common sense to ask those they are directing for their opinions. The whole thing seems well planned out and contrived. Once again, after the fact, they want us to comment.  A disappointing effort from a group of people who seem content on producing mediocre results. My answer: We should start our own citizens oversite committee to review and comment formally on decisions made by the POA that do not favor the membership.

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