Sunday, October 8, 2017


Mighty God, giver of Peace, slogan for war,
   We watch while cities burn and
                             children cry and
                             women weep.
    We listen while tanks roll and
                              missiles zizzle, and
                              mobs assemble.
    We smell while
                        flesh burns and
                        old tires smoke and
                        oil wells flame
                            out of control.

We dare say,
we dare imagine,
we dare confess, that yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the
                           We come to you as victims of terror and
                                 mass death.
                           We come as perpetrators of death and massacre.
                           We come as citizens and patriots and taxpayers
                                  and parents and children.
                            We come bewildered, angry, sorry.

You, you beyond the smell and the din and the smoke.
You, beyond our hopes and our hates.
You, our beginning before time.
Be present in ways we cannot imagine.
Be present--save us from our power
                    save us from our violence,
                    save us from our fear and hatred,
                    save us as only you can do.
                    Save us as you have before saved us...
in love and power
in compassion and justice
in miracle and in waiting.
                    Save us  because we are your people
                         and because this is your world.

Walter Brueggemann-Prayers for a Privileged People

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