Sunday, October 8, 2017


Right-winged ideology is everywhere. From the Arkansas House to the outhouse, right-winged, Christian, Republican ideology is spreading its garbage over the whole state. And way too many Arkansas people are lapping it up. It cloaks itself in Christianity and patriotism, making a mockery out of both. In the absence of thinking, it is much easier to spew out a line of "God Bless America", never thinking for a moment that God might bless all of His creation, not just Americans. People wave flags, not understanding in the slightest that democracy calls for justice, citizen participation, compromise, compassion, and unwavering loyalty to human life, not painted cloth or religious preference. The flag now seems to stand for domination, militarism, capitalism, Christianity, and a world order featuring right-winged fascist ideology. It is a tragic time in America's history, but a hopeful one. All of this will soon end. Not all American's are morons. At least that's what I'd like to think. This is certainly not the best of times, and very close to the worst. May God lead us out of this primordial ooze for the second time.

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