Friday, December 8, 2017


I'm still not convinced Trump was legally elected. Republicans are the only one's who benefit by being elected by the electoral college. I think it has happened 5 times. And I believe all 5 times they were Republicans. The last two were the most important. Bush Jr. was chosen after losing the popular vote. So was Trump. That has given us the second worst and first worse Presidents we have had in our not so illustrious history. (Bush is privately thankful Trump won. He, now, is no longer the worst). At any rate, we find ourselves in one hell of a mess. We have a president who is diminishing connection and promoting discord and adversarial tribalism. We have a president making a mockery  of democracy. We have a president who could easily be diagnosed mentally ill. We have a president who is hated around the world. We have a president advocating for nuclear war. We have a president who admits to groping other women and who takes no responsibility for his actions. We have a president who gives away public lands to private profiteers. We have a president who appoints lunatics to public office. We have a president who thinks he is above the law. We have a president who probably pays no taxes. We have a president who is probably drugged into la-la land, helping to explain his erratic behavior and slurred speech. We have a president who favors the rich and famous above the poor and those without a voice. We have a president who openly supports an accused child molester for the U.S. Senate. We have a president who does not believe in science. We have a president who should not be president. We have a president who it would be hard to establish that he is human. We have a president who should go back to his home planet. We have a president leading us toward fascism. Who supports racist behavior. Who supports religious intolerance. Who supports homophobia. Who supports men being superior to women. Who proudly suggests we should throw immigrants out of the country. (He doesn't include himself). Who suggests a wall will keep people from seeing how crazy he is. Who wants everything and wants to give nothing. Never, in my lifetime, have I seen anything so tragic as to see one man destroy the dream of so many-to live in peace, harmony, compassion, seek happiness, and be able to wake-up in the morning with a sense of hope that things can get better. This Christmas, we each need to take a moral inventory. How can we best celebrate Christ's birth? How can we fashion our lives after his? How can we get back the radical, soul-baring honesty, compassion, and humanness Christ witnessed to?

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