Tuesday, December 12, 2017


 From: Bruce Weik
 To: Directors

The proposed changes to Article 9, Section 3 are disturbing and wrong. It sounds very military, which is not surprising. You have way too may reasons to go into executive session. The state of Arkansas has three. This lacks both transparency and democratic rule. And you can never, by parliamentary procedure, take a vote in private. You are responsible for those who elect you, and we have a right to know how you vote. These changes are a continuing problem with the Board of Directors. It is very, very, disturbing. I would highly recommend you revisit this proposal. Bruce Weik

From: John Weidert, Chairman
To: Bruce Weik

Mr. Weik,
  Thank you for the opportunity to address your comments.  Let me say, our board only goes into executive session when necessary, for prudent reasons, as spelled out in Article 9, Section 3 of our Bylaws.  And, our executive session thoughts and reason for having it is always brought up at the next formal monthly Board of Directors Meeting, where a discussion is had and a vote taken, always in public forum.
Board of Directors    

To: John Weidert
From: Bruce Weik

You failed to address that there are too many reasons to go into executive session. You list 8. Most are not legitimate reasons to hide a discussion. Again, telling us why you did it at the next meetings is doing so after the fact. I do not believe you will find any municipalities with so many reasons to discuss issues behind closed doors. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Bruce

To: Bruce Weik
From: John Weidert

  We as a board have decided on these and are comfortable with the number of reasons we go into executive session.  And, like I said, we do not hide discussions.  We go into executive session for reasons we deem necessary and these executive sessions are a topic at our next scheduled Board of Directors Meeting.  Take care.

If I talked to the wall, I would get just about as good an answer as I'm getting from John. Because the Directors say it is ok, I guess it is ok. Hard to argue that logic.

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