Saturday, July 20, 2013

Answering The E-mail

Dear Peever: What do you think about your new home?  Harry
Dear Harry: So far, on a scale of 0-10, zero being hell and ten being heaven, I wold give it a 3. The last election was horrible, the state legislature gong tea-bag Republican for the first time since reconstruction. What a sorry state of affairs.

Dear Mr. Weik: Is there anything you like about Tom Cotton, our new federal congressman? Sally
Dear Sally: No. He is a fellow human being, or at least I think so. That doesn't win him much praise with me, since I'm pretty down on human beings at the moment.

Mr. Peever: You talk a lot about the poor, but you live in a rich community. What's up with that?  Larry
Dear Larry: That has to do with a diabolical twist of fate: My wife was successful.

Peever: Do you see any hope for America in the future?  Karen
Dear Karen: If you mean by hope do I believe America will change her way's? The answer is no. We appear addicted to self-destructive behavior.

Mr. Bruce: Any comments on the economy?  Billy
Dear Billy: The rich keep getting richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class just keeps getting it. This is called capitalism.

Peever: Now that you are retired, any advice for those of us who may be doing so in the future?  Donna
Dear Donna: Good luck.

Dear Bruce: What about your President Obama at this point?  Carl
Dear Carl: A shade under mediocre.

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