Wednesday, July 24, 2013

State and Federal Tea-drinking Politicians Are a Sorry Lot

Here's a good one in The Village Voice: "Unlike D.C., state politics offers hope." A Steve Brawner wrote it. He must be overdosed on tea. He's worried about debt, and how well they did with saving money. I'm worried about people, and how poorly most of them are doing in Arkansas. The state Legislature is saving money left and right, while one in four children go to bed hungry at night, health-care is atrocious, our educational system is next to last in the nation, everybody and their mother can now carry a gun, and the assembly is firmly anti-choice. He does mention term limits, which thank God we have. He claims Arkansas is much more of a citizens Legislature. I claim they are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the tea-party, which wants to drag us back into the Dark Ages. The legislature in Little Rock is doing nothing but taking away the hope of thousands of Arkansas citizens, many of whom have recently voted for the very people that are going to make life even more miserable for them. It's amazing how far a well thought out con can get some people.

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