Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Seems we are way behind in revenue. Golf is taking a beating. They are using a figure of $330,000 off projected revenue. That seems awful high. Mainly due to the weather. They never mention the high cost of visitors who would like to play. Anything over $50 begins to discourage many a visitor. Even in prime time, family members are over $50. Those prices are ridiculously stupid. Family members should pay what we pay, if using our cart. Otherwise, an additional ten dollars for a course cart. And it wouldn't hurt to treat visitors the same. How many visitors is one household going to have during a year? My visitors want to go somewhere else to play. Or they don't bring their clubs.

Revenue is down at the Woodlands. They need to look at what shows are drawing people in and increase them. They need to decrease shows that are not bringing in people. That shouldn't be real hard. Baby boomers are looking for rock, folk, more with-the-times music. We don't mind a little louder. Bands use amplifiers that don't work at low volume. The venue is not that big, so it is at times going to be loud. Patriotic stuff can be limited. The WWII generation is attending less. The Arkansas Symphony is always a hit. The size of the theater is not conducive to large amounts of revenue.

As for assessments, I wouldn't raise them to more than $50 for the time being. You'll get more lots turned in. We already can't figure out what to do with all of them. Higher assessments will hurt the West end, where retirement money is being stretched. People once thought a $100,000 was a fortune. Welcome to today. The county line wouldn't be a bad place to say on one side, this amount, on the other, this. A lot of East-enders want the assessment to go up, so I would make their dreams come true.

The Village is going to see hard times, pushing it towards becoming a municipality. Within the next twenty years, that will likely happen. Until then, someone is going to have to start using their head. Maybe the new general manager.

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