Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Hot Springs Village. It’s an ok place. It’s not Montpellier, Vt. Or Santa Fe, NM. Or Naples, Fl. Or Kula, HI. Or even San Diego. Or Navarre Beach, Fl. Or Nashville, TN.  It sure beats Chicago and New York and Kansas City and LA and Denver. And Little Rock and Pine Bluff and Possum. It’s not the best place for old people. The roads are hard to drive. It gets real dark. The summer is too hot. There are too many snakes. There are too few good restaurants. Finding people willing to stay up past 8pm is difficult. You have to have something medically wrong with you to fit in. And it doesn’t hurt to be Republican. On the other hand, the scenery is great. It’s a golfers dream come true. We have plenty of water to swim in, bath in, boat on, or drink. We do have a few good restaurants. Lots of paths to walk.  Clubs of every sort. Card clubs, radio clubs, acting clubs, social clubs, military clubs, investing clubs, garden clubs, craft clubs, walking clubs, boating clubs, fishing clubs, dancing clubs. We even have clubs for people who don’t like clubs. There are lots of interesting people. Some more interesting than others. Plenty of churches. Mainly Protestant. Probably has to do with the closed gates. We could use better leadership. Most POA presidents lately have been military. Not the best place to find democratic leadership. They don’t like anyone questioning them. We could use fewer rules. Again, probably the military influence. Autonomy is frowned on. Diversity is nonexistent. It wouldn’t hurt to have warmer winters, although this past winter was good. And more bakeries would be good. Cranford’s would not be my choice of grocery stores. How about a Whole Foods? Less crying, more doing would help. And more words allowed for editorials in The Village Voice. I would grade The Village a B- to C+.

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