Monday, April 25, 2016


 If you think you can escape the chaos of the world, forget it. The world was born out of chaos and will end in chaos. In between you had better pay attention.
* People are not willing, or allowed, to work to their greatest potential.
* Government would be wise to minimize expense by moderating desire and ambition.
* Never underestimate your personal power. But first, you need to find it.
* Lavish buildings and frenzied profit-making are not the signs of a wise society. Feeding the hungry and housing the homeless are.
* Capitalism uses cunning and deceit to dress up profiteering and imperialism.
* Do not expect yourself to be perfect. After all, you are probably human.
* Life's three biggest vices: Doing nothing; being satisfied with doing nothing; and doing something that amounts to nothing.
* People like the good-old-days. They know what to expect because they have already been there and lived them. It is comforting and predictable. But try as we may, the good-old-days will not return. That is not the way of the world. These people end up not knowing what is what.
* Justice is far more important than profit. Immature people crave profit and ignore justice.    

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