Sunday, March 5, 2017


As we are able, we submit our losses to you.
   We know about sickness and dying,
                   about death and mortality,
                   about failure and disappointment.

We are strange mixtures of loss and hope.
  And now for a moment we do our
                   failing and our dying in your presence,
                   you who attend to us in loss.

As we are able, we submit our hopes to you.
We know about self-focused fantasy
                   and notions of control.
       But we also know that our futures
                   are out beyond us,
                           held in your good hand.

Our hopes are filled with promises of
       well-being, justice, and mercy.
Move us this day beyond our fears and anxieties
       into your land of goodness.
                    We wait for your coming.
                    we pray for your kingdom.
       In the meantime, give us bread for the day.

Walter Brueggemann-Prayers for a Privileged People

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