Thursday, February 7, 2013

POA Board Candidates

At first glance, I've got Atkins and Zabroski. Atkins owns more property than I wold like to see for a director, but does seem to be asking a lot of good questions. His question about how the board voted on the General Managers tenure is right-on. They can discuss personnel matters in private session, but they have to vote in public. A three minute talk rule for visitors is disgustingly arrogant. If he voted to hire the last general manager, I could easily change my mind. Zabroski has a working man's background, not management. This place has got way too many managers.
It's early, and this may change. We'll see how things go. It's a lineup of all males, which is not good, way too much management experience, which is never good, all older, which of course you can hardly get around in the Village, and all, I'm betting, are pretty rigid and rule oriented, given a lot of military experience. I'd dump the whole lot for two street people in Hot Springs, but I suppose that ain't going to happen.

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