Friday, June 2, 2017


Work to welfare. No free handouts. Minimum wage. Cheap labor. Child care. Broken down cars. Rent. Utilities. Food. Health-care. Charity. Bread lines. Soup kitchens. Missions. Mandatory prayer. Thank God. For what? Bankruptcy. McDonald’s. Wal-Mart. Papa John’s. Chick-fil-A. 60 hours per week. Three jobs. No down payment. Poor credit. High credit card debt. Slavery. Indenture. The American way. 

The best is yet to come. Melting ice. Rising coastline. Polar bears. Miami. Super storms. Hurricanes.
Tornadoes. Floods. Denial. Carbon emissions. Cars.  More cars. 4-car garage. Melanoma. Forest fires. Drought. Famine. Oil. Coal. Environmental destruction. Political clout. Insurrection. Revolution.

Hunger. Industrial crops. Corn. Soybeans. 1 in 4 children go to bed hungry. 1 in 3 seniors with not
enough to eat. Food scarcity. Crime. Shame. Luxury food. Guilty. Bone-in ribeye. Fine wine.  $75 meal. Unfair abundance. Local Gardens. Sharing. Food banks. Soup kitchens. Bread. Beans. Sacrifice. Giving. Enough.

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