Wednesday, June 14, 2017


COMPASSION: What is compassion? Feeling sorry for someone? Feeling sorry enough to help them? An emptiness that submerges you when you see others suffering? A burning desire to help others less fortunate than yourself? Is compassion weakness? Is compassion an impossible emotion to find? To develop? Who demonstrates compassion? Where can I see it in action? Is it everywhere? Is it anywhere?

TRUTH: What is the truth? How can you recognize it? Who speaks the truth? Luigi Pirandello wrote: "Truth [is] what we think it is at any given moment of time." Is that right? Is there an ultimate truth? That there is a God, and we are not it? Can the truth set you free? From what? Is the truth only in our minds? There are approximately 350,000.000 minds on Earth. That many truths? We search for the truth. Can it be found? Are there alternative truths? Can fake news be the truth?

DEMOCRACY: We search for democracy. What is it? Freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? Freedom to go where we want? Is democracy possible for humans? Do the citizens control democracy? Must our representatives be elected? What is elected? By whom or what? Freedom of religion? Can I protest if I feel democracy is not being represented by those elected? Do I have a right to ask for explanations? For proof of fact? Can democracy be found or strengthened thru war? Is there such a thing as democracy? Or is it an illusion?

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