Sunday, September 2, 2012

Five of Life's Biggest Lies

  1. That life is fair. If life were fair, I would be Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.
  2. That justice is equal for all. I've always thought justice was one of life's finer purchases.
  3. The poor will get their reward in heaven. Frankly, this is a bunch of religious rubbish, meant to keep you in check while the rich get richer and you get poorer.
  4. That capitalism is a good partner with democracy. Capitalism is obsessed with making the largest possible profit possible, at your expense. It will not do you any favors, unless you happen to be the boss.
  5. That war brings about peace and prosperity and makes all of us safer. This is a disturbing notion of an ever increasing number of politicians and military junkies. Since the beginning of humankind, war has never brought about peace or conciliation. It is deadly and bitter and humiliating and hellish. You cannot kill your way to kindness, neighborliness, compassion, or inclusiveness. It will never work.

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