Friday, September 14, 2012

My Answer to Jerry Gosoglow's E-Mail

Thanks for the e-mail. Your subsidies for the courses appear adequate.

Bonuses are for work above and beyond the call of duty. The golf course workers definitely did that this year. It was hot and conditions terrible. They saved us potentially hundreds of thousands in green repair. Other departments may have done the same. Is it fair? Is giving management raises and not other workers, fair? Is giving free amenities to grades 7-10, but not 1-6, fair?

I would be less than proud of a 5% raise every three years. That leaves the worker approximately 4% behind inflation. I have interviewed 5 course workers, and frankly, their salaries vs the hours they work are an embarrassment. I apologized on behalf of the property owners. The Village has a lot of retired management from numerous industries. Of course these people hate to give raises to the workers.They would sooner count the profits.


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