Saturday, September 15, 2012


  • He usually is a he. His wife is usually a she.
  • They always claim to know "the way." It's usually their way.
  • A King James version of the Bible will usually be by their side.
  • Most will have had a personal experience with God. Many claimed to have talked to God. So have most mental patients.
  • You will hardly ever see a left-handed, right-wing, Christian, Republicans.
  • Many right-wing, Christian, Republicans are rich. The one's that aren't will look like they're hypnotized. 
  • They have little time for listening. Usually their mouths are going. And going. And........
  • They will all eagerly accept any money they can get from the government, while claiming that the government is our biggest enemy. Social security, Medicare, tax deductions, corporate farm subsidies. You name it, they'll take it. On the other hand, they generally bad-mouth government and want less of it. The government places regulations on things they want no regulations on; it keeps interfering with church and state issues; and of all things, the government helps people who are struggling. Our right-wing, Christian, Republican brethren just can't come to terms with that.

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