Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Golf Courses

Our golf courses are in super excellent condition, particularly for the weather we have been having. I would recommend the guys and gals working outside all summer should get a raise and a bonus. At least a bonus, to show our gratitude.
The golf courses make Hot Springs Village what it is, regardless of what anyone or any survey indicates. It is our unique claim to fame.
Golf courses do not pay for themselves. I would be surprised if there are more than a handful of courses in the United States that make a profit. The members always subsidize the course or courses. That will always be the case here. The POA needs to set an amount they will subsidize the courses which is reasonable, and fees need to generate the rest. It doesn't take a rocket scientist.
I floated this proposal to a few of our retired executives to see what they thought. They are not used to giving bonuses. They like to be on the receiving end. To hell with the people that do the labor. After three negative responses, I am now sure my idea of a pay raise, or bonus, is a good idea and what should be done. Thanks guys.

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