Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Continuing Look at Hot Springs Village

First the good news: We have a lot of lakes, nine golf courses, numerous activities of every sort, and a bunch of well groomed walking trails. Add to that some great scenery, and this is a pretty good place to retire.
On a more downward trend, many of the people in The Village are rich, which I suppose in-and-of-itself isn't so bad, if it weren't for the fact that they feel so entitled. They worry about entitlement programs for the poor being too much of a burden on them. It's hard to tell them otherwise, but they are much more burdensome on the national budget than the poor. You don't win many brownie points trying to explain that. Along with this entitlement attitude is the fact that 98% of the residents are right-wing Republicans. And wouldn't you know it, I'm just the opposite. Oh well, maybe this is preparing me for hell.
We had an egotistical, Jackass sort of general manager that is now gone. Unfortunately, the directors will probably pick out another just about the same. They have absolutely no diversity on the board, making them pretty predictable. A surprise would be nice, but highly unlikely.
We do have a pretty good work force who do their best to keep things up. The golf course workers did a super great job this summer. I'm ashamed that we pay them so poorly, but the rich do like to keep their money. We have a lot of retired management people. The last thing they have on their mind is to pay people a living wage. That thought never occurs to them.
The state legislature went Republican for the fist time since reconstruction, which is not a good sign for Arkansas. With so many poor people, I can't believe they've been duped so badly. We do rank third for lack of education, which helps explain this terrible trend.
We now have Tom Cotton representing us in Congress. He's a Harvard educated lawyer who volunteered for Afghanistan so he could come home and run on his heroic record. You can tell the guys a lawyer, although he must not be a very good one if he can't make a living at it. What a charmer.
It is about horse racing season. We love the horse races. The Oaklawn track is great. I get a kick out of the Baptists endorsing horse racing but not casinos. (By the way, the casino there is a gaming room, not a casino). I thought horse racing was gambling, but I guess maybe it's not. Probably says something about that in the Bible somewhere.
Anyway, looking forward to Christmas. Hope everyone has a merry one.

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