Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ten Ways to Know You're Alive

  1. Just because you have a heart beat and pulse doesn't mean a thing.
  2. Are you raising some kind of hell?
  3. Somehow, somewhere in your heart, do you realize that killing people is not going to produce peace?
  4. Do you wake up in the morning grateful for the opportunity to make life better for someone other than yourself?
  5. Have you ever felt, maybe just for a brief moment, that you are connected to everything?
  6. Do you say you're sorry when you need to?
  7. Have you helped someone without expecting anything in return? Daily?
  8. Do you believe it is possible to not have any enemies?
  9. Can you accept the fact that you may be wrong and someone else right?
  10. Blood pressure, heart beat, pulse, breathing, all have something to do with life, but little to do with living it.

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