Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Things I've Learned Hanging Around Older People

  • I've never heard of some of these illnesses.
  • The memories of sex seems to linger on.
  • These folks get up early, go to bed early, and are always late.
  • Older and wiser don't necessarily mix.
  • The last birthday you want to celebrate appears to be 65. You finally get that evil, socialistic Medicare. I'm sure all the right-wing Republicans don't sign up. 
  • If I had my choice of sitting with a group of younger people under age 25, or a group of older people over as 65, I'd stay at home.
  • You come to understand that age doesn't make a whole lot of difference, but living the life you were given does. The happiest people seem to be the people who give it their best shot.

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