Friday, November 16, 2012

A Fair, But Not Entirely Impartial, View of Hot Springs Village

Hot Springs Village is a nice place, but kind of suburgatory like. There are a lot of great people, but I'm not used to being around people who have so much money. Rich doesn't settle very well with me, although I suppose my wife and I would be considered rich in many circles. Rich is pretty subjective, depending on who you are being compared to.
Along with rich must come a sense of entitlement, a word most resident toss around quite freely, in the wrong direction. The Village is full of Republicans, many of them right-wingers. They don't want their tax dollars going to help others. They would prefer that those dollars stay with them. Oh, they'll give a twenty or even a hundred to whatever benevolent cause is going around, but I often feel it is given with a subliminal message: These people should be taking care of themselves, if only they would get a job. Maybe it's just me being cynical.
A lot of people, mainly men, had very important and prestigious jobs. Unfortunately, most never got over it. A lot of know-it-all's. If you question them, they get really uptight. I don't suppose many have ever been challenged, for fear the person doing so would lose their job. Seeing I don't have a job, and tend to be pretty conflict oriented, I don't let them get away with much. It's not that these people are not nice people. I like about everyone I've met. It's just that most have not been exposed to life "out there," or they forgot it.
Anyway, I take Hot Springs Village for what it is: A lot of nice, interesting people who prefer right-wing Republican politics and don't like anyone challenging them. With that in mind, I doubt I'll ever get "resident of the month."
(Stay tuned. This impartial view is to be continued).

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