Tuesday, November 27, 2012


  • the right-wing got its wish and everyone turned White? Who would they hate?
  • it were discovered Jesus was a homosexual? What a mess that would make.
  • one and one unds up not being two? My first grade teacher would have to apologize to me.
  • someone said they were you and could prove it? If someone said they were me, they'd be nuts.
  • you wanted to die but no one would let you?
  • you went to the hospital to get better but didn't?
  • someone said they hated you because of your color? Or disability? Or social status? Or because they think you're a witch?
  • we no longer needed the military? Would they still make bombs?
  • everyone quit smoking? Would they still make cigarettes?
  • they discovered sex to be a fatal disease? Would we still.....oh, forget it.

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