Sunday, November 4, 2012


Reference E-Blast notifying of Scott Randall’s departure.  I feel this is a good move for HSV and that the Board acted in the member’s best interest.

Scott never seemed to understand whom he worked for.  This is a member owned and funded community and it is incumbent upon any employee, especially the GM, to understand this and respect members and their elected Board members.

I hope the Board will learn from the errors in the process in hiring Scott and ensure that any candidate has some business background, preferably in non-profit or city organizations, but most importantly understands what their roll in our community.  Candidates should be thoroughly vetted through prior employers to ensure HSV gets a GM interested in the growth and success of our community controlling costs to the members while preserving our investment.  Additionally, a candidate should be impressed that HSV is not a city environment and that a member owned community is very different from a city.

A GM manages our community under the oversight of the elected Board of Directors and should make recommendations and manage in the members best interest, both financially and protecting our investment. 

A GM’s performance appraisal should contain a factor concerning how well the GM conducts the POA business within current revenue structure, without assumption of automatic fee increases year over year, and receive extra merit for controlling/reducing member costs while maintaining services and investment value.  Another important element of the GM’s position is to create an environment to encourage resident growth, and promote property investment and values to keep non-resident property owners in good standing.

I further would ask the Board resend the policy of the GM being the final word in POA and employee matters.  Our employees represent a beneficial asset to HSV in performing their duties for the POA.  The employees should not be subjected to a “dictatorial” structure of management.  A GM should be aware that it is his responsibility to manage in a manor to require good performance while honoring our employees rights, and know that his decisions are subject to Board review should a situation arise requiring such review.  Furthermore, as in any creditable organization reviews and pay adjustments for the GM’s direct reports should be reviewed by the Board to ensure that member interests are preserved.

Larry Frazer
A concerned Property Owner

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