Monday, October 1, 2012

Answering the E-mail

Dear Peever: Do you support medical marijuana?   Dixie
Dear Dixie: Yes. I also support deciminalizing marijuana. I also support growing hemp. And no, I didn't inhale.

Dear Mr. Peever: Any comments on the election?  Bob
Dear Bob: Yea. I still think the right-wing Republicans are all nuts. They would sooner support their right-wing ideology and misguided Christian nonsense than help someone straighten out America. They call themselves patriots. I call them fools.

Dear Bruce: In a violent world, how can you promote nonviolence? Lee
Dear Lee: I stay indoors a lot.

Dear Peever: Are you still pushing universal health-care?  Sue
Dear Sue: I am promoting the same level of care for all of us that the politicians in Washington get. When our health-care matches theirs, I'll shut up.

Mr. Peever: I have seen you write, and I quote: "A politician is someone who will lay down your life for his country." Is this still how you feel?   Don
Dear Don: Absolutely. Every war that has taken place during my lifetime has not been about freedom and democracy, but has had everything to do with profit and deception. I have no use for the whole concept. It is just another rich man's scheme to stay on top.

Dear Mr. Weik: What are you going to do today to help the world?  Art
Dear Art: Play golf.

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