Friday, October 12, 2012

Here's to You CEO's Out There Intent on Screwing Us:

  • People have a right to a job.
  • A right to a safe workplace.
  • A right to organize and be represented.
  • A right to a living wage and benefit, the most important of which is health-care.
  • A right to strike.
  • A right to fair compensation for injuries on the job.
  • A right to sue if injued by negligent employers.
  • A right to security of pension and retirement benefits.
  • A right to participate in the political process.
If you got one of these jerk CEO's, in it only for themselves,  give me their name, I'll be glad to list it the next time I write about morons. In the meantime, remember, all you got is the labor you can sell. Don't cut yourself short. Organize. It's the only way you'll get up off the bottom.

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