Tuesday, October 16, 2012


No one wants to pay high taxes. Why crap, me grand-dad, back in the 60's, used to say taxes were so high he hardly had any money lift for a bucket of beer. The tea party wants lower taxes and less government. Those are noble sentiments, but reckless ones. I have no quarrels in using our tax dollars in more beneficial ways. Nor would I argue against trimming the bureaucracy and doing away with 20 year government retirement plans. In the process of trimming the government, some of the tea party mouths will be singing another tune when they hit potholes in the streets and their gas guzzling cars disappear. With fewer taxes, and more tax breaks going to the rich, we are going to have to cut social security and do away with medicare. Watch those tea sippers pucker up when that happens. Now certainly, if they want to save some real money and pay lower taxes, we should do away with most of the military. Fifty plus percent of the federal budget goes to support the military and all those retired generals. You talk about savings. But in the end, I somehow doubt that saving money and lowering taxes and less government is really at the heart of their patriotic revelry. I think they are stuck in their own delusions of yesteryear, somehow thinking that if we could only go backward instead of forward, things would be better. They think if we all dressed up in the suits of our founding fathers, with the fancy wigs and all, maybe this country would get itself back on track. I think they are sweetening their tea with huge does of faulty memory and misguided sentiment.

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