Monday, October 29, 2012

Are You a Weenie or a Warrior?

  • Do you let others do your thinking for you?  Weenie
  • Do you stand up and say what is in your heart? Warrior
  • Do you kill from a distance?  Weenie
  • Are you willing to make an effort to understand and compromise with your enemies?  Warrior
  • Is you life guided by ideology and dogma?  Weenie
  • Is you life guided by your bliss?  Warrior
  • Do you strike out and despise those who are different from you?  Weenie
  • Do you stay open-minded and tolerant of different ideas and lifestyles?  Warrior
  • Do you allow others to control you through fear and intimidation?  Weenie
  • Can you differentiate bullshit from fact?  Warrior
As the old saying goes: He that will be a wennie will eventually whine himself to death. The warrior will one day understand his or her place among all things, stand with his or her head held high, be able to say, screw you, without any reservation.

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