Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Circle Yes or No

  1. Do you think drilling en every corner of the United States will make us any less dependent on oil?    Y    N
  2. Do you think God ordains war and blesses America before any other country?    Y      N
  3. Do you believe the creation story is factual and should be taught in school?   Y     N
  4. Do you think English should be made America's official language?   Y      N
  5. Do you think men should be telling women what to do with their bodies?   Y     N
  6. Are you happy with a right-wing, Republican, male dominated, Supreme Court?  Y    N
  7. Do you think abstinence should be the only thing taught in school as a way to avoid pregnancy?  Y    N
  8. Do you think the International Criminal Court and the United Nations are bad for the United States and should not be supported?   Y     N
  9. Do you believe corporations should be viewed as individuals?    Y    N
  10. Do you think social security should be cut and privatized?   Y    N
  11. Do you think our health-care system is adequate to meet the needs of every citizen?   Y    N
  12. Are you against government regulations?    Y    N    
If you answered Yes to any of these questions, hopefully you won't vote. If you must, you're going to want to vote Republican, since this pretty much sums up their party platform.

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