Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Cultivate a Spiritual Life

  • Attend church irregularly.
  • Spend more time practicing good. Get rid of the racial talk and jokes. Accept diversity. Give up the idea that your way is the only way.
  • Rather than collecting possessions, collect friends.
  • Don't believe everything you hear, even if the messenger is wearing a collar, a robe, or a designer suit. In fact, be especially skeptical if they are wearing any of those.
  • It is better to approach faith inwardly rather than outwardly. That way, you can own it, rather than buy or borrow it.
  • If you think your God is bigger and better than mine, how about letting me see you walk on a bed of red-hot coals, kind of as a sign.
  • If you're practicing right-wing, Christian, Republicanism, get out. You been brain washed. It's a cult of the worst kind.
  • We are each fashioned after the Divine, which I interpret to mean we each have a touch of the Holy in us. We should treat ourselves and each other accordingly. Thus sayeth the Gospel According to The Peever.

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