Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Fine Art of Negotiating a Buy

  • Never fall in love with what it is you're buying.
  • The person doing the selling needs to sell the product for a whole host of desperate reasons. Seldom is it that you really need to purchase it. (Toilet paper might be the exception).
  • The first price you offer should be ridiculously low, just like theirs will be ridiculously high.
  • The price of everything is negotiable. 
  • If the price is non-negotiable, walk away. Someone else has exactly the same thing.
  • Look the person straight inn the eyes and say, "Look, here's the deal." Don't hesitate, waiver, or flinch.
  • Never play the part of the underdog, unless you're good at it.
  • When you've negotiated the price, which should never be the asking price, thank the person. Tell them they're very skilled and you enjoyed sparring with them. You may need to deal with this person again in the future. Start the butter-up.

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