Friday, December 14, 2012

A Pre-Christmas Lesson

Possessions. Holding on to what you have. Things. I carried a rock in my pocket for the last 25 years. A Petosky stone, found only in Petosky, Michigan, along the shore of Lake Michigan. I picked it up the summer of 1971. My wife and I were just married and working in Traverse City as camp counselors. It sat in a box for years until I stuck it in my pocket one day. Why? Maybe to remember the times. Maybe for good luck. A talisman never hurts. Forty-one years that rock spent with me. I LOST IT THE OTHER DAY. Like any possession, it can hurt if you are holding on to it too tightly.
Everything is temporary. It comes and it goes. You have to let it go. It's not yours. It was a pre-Christmas lesson. Let go.


  1. This made me smile.....I too pick up rocks and carry them with me....some are still with me...some have been lost along the way.....but all were part of the journey at some point....

    Best of the Holiday Season to you! ~Melinda

  2. Thank you for your comment. Hope you have a nice holiday season, filled with love and peace.