Friday, December 14, 2012


What a tragedy today. Just hardly believable. You can't imagine the pain. I can't think of anything so sad as losing a child, especially to something so senseless. It is time that we take a stand on making assault weapons and handguns so available to the public. For that matter, so available to anyone. Watching the news reports today, I was struck by the number of weapons present. That in-and-of itself would be frightening to children. The time for being bullied by right-wingers and the NRA is over. It is time that we bring some sanity to our gun laws. The time is now and the day is today.


  1. I think this President may try to do something. Just listen to how lame the arguments will be to stop anything from happening. "We need to protect ourselves," they'll claim. I say we need to protect ourselves from them by allowing fewer assault weapons and handguns. The carry laws are all idiotic. This tragedy will repeat itself time and time again if this doesn't stop.