Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Christmas List

  • Please, no personal checks.
  • Dear Santa. I think all Americans should have equal health-care. The same as the Congressmen get.
  • How about hooking up your sleigh and bringing home all the troops.
  • Please do not deliver any guns this year. All the nut cases will be building their arsenal, worried about gun control. Give them water guns, maybe a BB gun.
  • I could use a new car, but I suppose that's asking too much.
  • An inflatable doll that looks like that girl that waits tables down the road would be good. One that don't get a headache or laugh when I undress.
  • That's about it. Don't come down the chimney, it's too narrow. Just knock at the front door. The dog might bark, but he won't bite.

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