Friday, December 7, 2012


Let's play a game. Since the POA won't tell us why the general manager got the ax, we're going to have to guess at it. I'm going to give a few possibilities which have been making the gossip circuit. Vote for the one you support. You are welcome to add more. In fact, I greatly encourage you to take a shot at it. It's sort of fun.
  1. Misuse of credit card.
  2. Deemed to be more of a domineering asshole than allowed.
  3. Lost the favor of the president of the board, who reportedly hired him. (And who is now quitting).
  4. Was having trouble controlling his wife's wardrobe.
  5. Would not buy a house in the Village. Along with perhaps sending out resumes'.
That's all I've heard from this end. Don't be shy. This may be way off track.  You know how gossip can be. Let us know "the truth" if you got it. Otherwise, people are going to keep making stuff up. I don't think it's fair,but what are you going to do when they won't tell you. And we do deserve to know. After all, we were paying for him.

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