Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are You Part of the Cure, Or Part of the Disease

  • Do you practice what you preach, or preach and preach and preach?
  • Do you teach racism to your children?
  • Do you promote and demonstrate violence over negotiation, compromise, and non-violence?
  • Do you take and never give?
  • Are you sure that guns are going to take us to the promised land?
  • Is your mouth constantly moving and the words generally useless?
  • Does your life mean more to you than the next guys? Are you one of those types that put a battering ram in front of your truck or car to make sure the other guy gets the worst end of the deal?
  • If you know another person who is struggling, do you offer to help?
  • Do you think any less of a person living on the street? Do you see them as failures? Do you write them off as worthless and a burden of society?
  • Is your way the only way?
It's your choice. Are you part of the cure, or part of the disease?

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