Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Food For Thought

The Place:  The Shack, Highway 7, Jessieville. I think it's the only restaurant in town, so you shouldn't miss it. Right across from the high school.

Ambiance: A cute place, not fancy, but comfortable. They were putting up Christmas decorations while we were there. Our lunch, which included sandwiches and fries, were served with no plates. Good idea. Less overhead.

Cleanliness: Excellent.

Service: Fast. Friendly.

Main Course: I had a smoked pork BBQ sandwich with fries. I had them put my cold slaw on the sandwich. It was plenty big. The fries were average. Being a french fry expect, I am very particular. (Hand cut and fried crisp usually scores big with me). I had a small strawberry shake with my meal. It was good. My wife had a patty melt which she said was tasty. 

Dessert: Skipped. But I did see pumpkin pie.

Affordability: The price was right and the place was nice. We will definitely return.

Overall Score: B

Would Recommend: Yes. For a casual lunch.

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