Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some Donut Shoppe Wisdom

  • If it looks like a donut, smells like a donut, feels like a donut, and tastes like a donut, don't let a cop see it.
  • The older you get, the more likely it is you'll forget to pay.
  • A hole in the center of a donut is clearly not for the customer's benefit.
  • Republicans never eat donuts with sprinkles on top. Way too risky.
  • Never buy a paper until you see if someone else did.
  • Never discuss same sex marriages.
  • The men love to talk about sex. The women love to talk about anything else.
  • Donuts have no redeeming qualities, which is probably why they taste so good. Remember, "A donut a day keeps the oatmeal away."
  • It doesn't get any better then that first cup of coffee in the morning, a good maple long john, and friends that you can rely on to disagree with just about everything you say.

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