Friday, December 28, 2012

White Christmas Recovery

I moved to Arkansas for this? Holy Cow! Out of power for 21 hours, which I guess ain't so bad. House stayed at about 60 degrees. Couldn't get fireplace going. Not wired for manual start. Wouldn't do a lot of good anyway. All-in-all, we didn't do too bad. Well, sort of. My sons car broke down. Seems to be power steering pump. He took our car, we will get his fixed and meet him halfway sometime in January. Got our daughter and her husband to airport yesterday. They flew out this a.m. Now in Chicago, headed for Omaha. Better weather there.
So, all in all, not terrible bad here. Definitely a white, weird, Christmas. I'm sure there were a lot worse problems experienced by many. I hope nothing bad serious. Raining now, which is helping. Hope it don't freeze.

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