Saturday, December 1, 2012

Food For Thought

PLACE: Via Roma, 1521 Malvern, Hot Springs

AMBIANCE: Excellent. Table clothes, candle light, soft music. Waiter held the door open as we entered and left. A little dark, but I think that's what they refer to as romantic.


SERVICE: Excellent. Fast. Friendly. Not overbearing. We were a bit early, so it wasn't real crowded.

MAIN COURSE: Excellent. Starts with bread and dipping sauce, not just olive oil. Both were good. We both had variations on Veal Parmesan. Comes with new potatoes and vegetable. Was plenty, and both were excellent.

DESSERT: We skipped the dessert. Maybe next time. They do have tiramisu and canolli, which I seldom pass-up. Each priced at $4.50.

AFFORDABILITY: Good. Cost was a bit high, but would not be bad without alcohol. We had a total of three glasses of wine with our meal, together. Including a 20% tip, the total cost was $64.60. You could get away with at least $15-20 less.

WOULD RECOMMEND: Highly. Will return.

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